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Hi, I’m Matt.

I’m an amateur ultramarathon runner and coffee enthusiast with 15 years of experience as a product marketing leader, technical product manager, and consultant across multiple industries. Each phase of my work has mixed deep technical insights, strategic thinking, and customer engagement both internally and externally, all with a goal of making products that consciously make the world a better place.

Here are a few examples of the work I’ve done.

Advising and Investing

I’m currently the Senior Director of Portfolio Engagement at Accion Venture Lab, where I provide strategic support to over 50 early-stage fintech companies on five continents. Our work also feeds into our investment process, and I’ve written about some of the aspects of our companies that make for an attractive financial and social investment thesis.

I also do some angel investing on the side, where I’ve worked with Seed and Series A companies (as an individual and syndicate) in the cleantech, consumer tech, and DevOps markets.


Technology’s impact on the world is still nebulous: neither good nor bad, destructive nor beneficial. I aim to lean on the right side of that history, and I’ve helped bring products like the Civis Platform, Heroku Postgres, and GitHub Enterprise to market.

Business Strategy

Having cut my strategic teeth at BCG and after founding several businesses on my own, I’ve brought those experiences to a broad and far-reaching client base such as The Skillman Foundation, Imprint, LiveRamp, and the World Food Programme. I’ve built plans to help companies raise money, enter new markets, become more efficient, and explore technology in new ways.

Coaching and Training

Growth and curiosity took me places unexpected and surprising; I’ve been fortunate enough to share those experiences with others. I’ve mentored and coached organizations like Challenge Detroit and Detroit Venture Partners, hosted training courses at General Assembly, and spoken at events and venues like Dreamforce and the Holberton School.

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